Starting Out on Your Startup Marketing Strategy

For startup companies, feedback from the public can be invaluable for their development as they launch their new product. Often, the feedback you get from users and prospects is much more valuable than actual sales when it comes to the later phases of your business. Because startup companies face such steep odds before they gain significant market share, public input can help you avoid many costly mistakes. Here are some ideas for getting your next startup marketing message in front of the public.

If you’re going to use startup saas marketing to grow your company quickly, then you’ll need to focus on real customer acquisition strategies, not fancy techniques. Although paid media marketing and direct mail campaigns can be useful, they can’t be relied on entirely for immediate success. For mid-range and long-term success, a marketing strategy that combines SEO, social media marketing, content creation, surveys and other tactics can prove to be more effective. In addition to letting you stay ahead of the competition, this approach allows you to focus on one crucial element of customer acquisition: customer satisfaction. By giving your target audience what they want, you’ll drive conversions, which means more money in your pockets.

Focus On One Channel Instead of trying to promote your business using multiple channels, work on one at a time. When you have one strong core channel that gets consistent feedback and that consistently converts visitors into paying customers, then expand that channel. In addition to giving you one manageable focus for your marketing budget, this core channel will also provide a solid foundation for your long-term marketing plan. Investing in fast growth and building marketing strength in one core channel can give your startup marketing efforts a significant kick start. Look for account based marketing agency for more info!

Social Media For the most part, social media is not an appropriate vehicle for most startups. However, if you’re launching a product for the first time or focusing on growing your existing customer base, this medium could quickly become your most valuable marketing tool. The best part is that social media serves as one of the only ways to grow your customer base rapidly while maintaining a close relationship with your customers. Social media is also an ideal platform for businesses to develop new relationships and to promote their brands through user-generated content.

Content Creation If you’re planning to launch a product that has a measurable market potential, then you should focus on content creation. This should include press releases, content articles, blog posts, videos, social networking posts, audio/podcasts, podcasts, eBooks and webinars. Once you’ve built a foundation for your core channel, you should regularly evaluate how well you’re leveraging it. Evaluate your audience, competition and goals to see what you should be working on. Work on new content each day, but don’t get carried away. A solid content strategy can lead to solid startup marketing success.

Press Releases Writing a press release is a great way to generate excitement around your product and services. Many journalists are more receptive to online entrepreneurs than their counterparts. To build a strong startup marketing campaign, get in touch with a few local journalists. Try to be unique and offer something no one else is offering; this will set you apart from the rest. You may also consider hiring a freelance journalist to write a brief press release for you. Get more facts about marketing at

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